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Research Paper About The Impact Of Social Media To Students, Four Essays

This research paper presents the both negative and positive sides of the effects of social media on students and their academic performance. Uses and ill uses of Social Media: In this technology loaded world, most people have easy access to. Within the past decade or so, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,. Categories. Academia Free Features Click here to learn more about Academia's free. is a place to share and follow research. Skip to main content .. Most of the students' both male (63.95%) and female (61.16%) have stated that the use of SM has a negative effect on their academic performance (AP). Many previous studies by (MehMood &. The students addicted to social media suffer from psychiatric distress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, procrastination and poor academic attainment. among university students and underscoring that such use can produce both positive and. negative consequences, according to a Nielsen Media Research study, in June 2010, almost 25 percent of students’ time on the Internet is now spent on social networking. websites (Jacobsen, & Forste, 2011). Jan 02, 2022 2 Department of Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Abstract Social Media is one of the most important source through which people can easily get updated. Jul 05, 2022 Prior studies have found positive effects [2,3,22] as well as negat ive effects [1,8] of social media on students’ acade mic performance. Further, use of. Malolos. The study shows that using Social Media impedes student’s learning and directly affects the students’ attendance at school. The result of the analysis was plotted in a scatter diagram to show a clear view of correla-tion or relationship between the variables. Social Media and Academic Performance has effect to each other.

It Mar 18, 2022 Effects of Social Media on Students’ Performance. The role of social media in education and its effects on students’ performance has multiple dimensions. This research presents the positive and negative effects of using social media on the students’ academic performance. Research finds different opinions regarding the role of social media in higher. social media has a negative association with students ï academic performance which is much greater than the advantages derived through the use of social media platforms. People around the globe have been addicted to the internet which has given rise to more students using social media more often than before.

Research Paper About The Impact Of Social Media To Students, Biography People

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