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Flight 214 Goes Inside The Pin & Patch Craze

DIY Patches and pins have been a cool way to accent denim jackets and vest for quit some time. The trend experienced a wave of popularity in the late 70s and 80s when New York streetwear introduced biker rocker patches and various other designs ironed on to cut off denim vest and kids snatched them up. In the 90s the style diapered not to be sen until now, in case you haven't noticed pins and patches have made a come back in a huge way and with a millennial pop culture influenced flair.

Earlier this month over 3,000 people gathered in New York's Chinatown district for a pin and patch show organized by Charlie Ambler of Strike Gently Co. and 11 of his friends. Which gave consumers the opportunity to come out and show support for the makers and customizing there favorite pieces. The resurgence is heavenly influenced by todays pop culture and social media's meme heavy ingenuity, including designs inspired by popular trends such as Pokemon Go, retro icons like Super Mario, Street Fighter characters, funny slogans and TV show mash ups to name a few.

Companies such as the previously mentioned Strike Gently, Inner Decay, and Pinlord to name a few have been leading the way and some have taken to platforms like Instagram to not only prompt there creations but those of others as well. The trend has grown so substantially that celebs have decided to crash the party with new additions such as Kim Kardashian's Kimoji line which includes various pin designs.

With things gaining momentum and new creators showing no shortage of creativity in design the trend is sure to pick up steam, check out a few pics of the coolness.

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