Forget XXL, Check Out Our Freshman Class 2017 List

You can count on the release of XXL's Freshman list to cause conversation. Every year they produce there list, some agree some don't but everyone has an opinion. We decided to compile our own list of 6 rappers that are gonna be talked about alot next year. The list was made taking into consideration hit songs, and notoriety take a look and let us know what you think.

rich chigga

6. Rich Chigga

Rich Chigga made one song and went viral "Dat $tick" but he proved he wasn't a one hit wonder by following up with "Who That Be". Rich Chigga continues creating great content most recently a song with Xxxtentacion titled Gospel which was also a hit.

Famous Dex

5. Famous Dex

Dex is a consistent song maker, he uploads songs pretty much every other day and has more than 10 notable hits. From "Drip From my Walk" to "Lemonade" Famous Dex deserves to be on this list because not only is he prolific with his creations, but his music is actually is pretty good. If he continues to put forward this effort it's sure to pay off.