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Tupac All eyez on me movie review

Everyone knows that Tupac Shakur is famous for his music, poetry, and songwriting, but people feel that the recent movie on his life story isn’t going to make platinum. The story starts with his early life in New York City and breezes on from there at break neck speed. His music was loved by many people all over and inspired millions. But currently, many people have an different feeling about the movie.

Critics feel that the movie only scratches the surface of what actually happened in the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 17% rating while the public gives it a 61%. “Straight Outta Compton”, a movie about three average teenagers turned into three message-giving, well-known rappers, set the bar high for biopics of that category, “All Eyez On Me” didn’t meet it.

Some say the movie would have faired much better as mini series, broken into several parts much like the latest New Edition Lifetime flick and many more. At least this would have lent more time to touch on more of the life of Tupac, and from the looks of the big screen budget this would probably been a better fiscal option aswell.

Biopics are important because they give a different or relatable perspective that can be very impacting, but it might be more effective if people actually enjoyed the movie.


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