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Decision Making After High School: How To Make The Best Choices About College

Decision Making After High School

So you’ve finally finished high school, congratulation!!!! You finally made it to that point in your life where you feel free, you don’t have to worry about waking up at 6 in the morning, remembering whether you completed that one assignment, or dealing with teachers who are just trying to do their job but end up annoying you anyway. Good Job kid, I’m really proud of you. Grad Nite was pretty lit, the actual graduation ceremony was lit, your family and other friends are in the stands cheering for. But really, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in your life that might start sometime soon.

Now that you’re done with high school you basically have the decision to either take a year off from school, get a job, and spend times with friends and family OR you can figure out your college options, what kind of financial help do you need help with. Is the job that you're applying for or already have fit into my school schedule. To be honest with you, these decisions can be difficult to make because you having options of where you want to go, which schools have the best program for the career you’re trying to pursue. Around this time, the decision whether you’re going to stay in school or not needs to made now because all the fall semester classes are starting to fill up and get full.

Maybe just take a day to think about life and come up with what you want to do, but if it was me I would go ahead and get this college/job thing handled and started with. I just graduated high school almost two months ago and I'm doing it the "cheaper" way out where you go to community or junior college for two years then transferring to a four-year university which would lead me to receive my bachelors. I’m already taking a summer to get started with this whole college thing that seems frightening and confusing but really isn’t that bad, to begin with.

Talk to whoever you can about, financial aid, grants, finding a job, know which college be a good decision. The college or university will have a freshman orientation at some point, pick and day and just visit the campus and ask around about orientation and get registered for your classes. You only have so much time at this point, the choice can only be your's and your’s alone.


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