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XXXTENTACION States He's Going To Disappear From Music For A "Little While"

XXXTENTACION States He's Going To Disappear From Music

Xxxtentacion posted on his Instagram story, "im going to disappear for a little while, I love yall." The rapper did not specify why he going to disappear however, the message was actually quite cryptic.

On July 2nd X performed the last show for the "Revenge Tour" in his hometown of Broward County , Florida. His Tour has been postponed, after X told all his fans he would be stepping away from the spotlight after his cousin got shot.

Some might think this is for attention or wonder if he is planning something big, since X enjoys sticking out of the audience. But in the rap newcomer has had a tumultuous first year, so maybe he dose in fact need a break. We hope he will be back soon, but we will keep you updated on the latest news.

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