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The Perfect Hairstyle for Summer: Men’s Edition

The Perfect Hairstyle for Summer: Men’s Edition

IT’S HOT, and sometimes it feels like the back of your neck is turning into a sauna. That’s when you finally release, it’s time for a haircut, but sometimes it can be for real difficult to choose which style will suit you the best for the time being. These are only a few styles you can go for that might make you the freshest looking person in the room.

You can go with a clean fade but there are different kinds; you have the low, high or mid fade; you also got the temple fade that also works for a lot of dudes too. You can get it to where it’s just your sides faded or the sides with the back You also got the liberty of choosing how long you want to your hair to be on the top. If you’re not really doing nothing to the sides, there’s the option of a buzz cut that looks good too. There are the dudes, though, that enjoy having long lengthy hair. Don't think I’m leaving out you guys too.

For those (like me) who got hair that's long, like five to nine inches, then you can always rock the man bun or if you have to go to a well-dressed event, then you could rock it half up and half down.

To be honest with you, my favorite is the dreadlock man bun. It lets the neck breathe, keeps your hair out of the way of dirt and it just looks great. If you’re someone who has dreads, or hair in general, that goes down to your ears, then you can use a hair band from like Rite Aid or Dollar Tree that’ll keep your hair away from your hairline.

The Perfect Hairstyle for Summer: Men’s Edition

Choosing a hairstyle that goes with who you are and how you look can be kind of difficult and a huge pain. Once you choose, you can figure how YOU want it. Yeah, you could ask a friend if it looks good, but should really take that into consideration, meaning you shouldn't really care too much about it but don’t just blow it off. You can do whatever you want with it, it’s up to you. If you wanna get dreads then go ahead but that's a story for a different time.


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