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Stephen King's "IT" The Highest Grossing Horror Movie To Date And It Dosen't Disap

"It" the 90s adaptation scared kids like myself for years and im sure brought down revenue for the circus for just as long. Me and no one in my peer group thought it could ever be replicated or topped even though the first adaptation was done on a small budget within the confines of television. Well I must say we were wrong and for the first time in my life I am glad to say I was.

Stephen King's "IT" The Highest Grossing

Pennywise the Clown is the main villain of the "It" film.The new version of Pennywise played by Bill Skargard is different from version portrayed by Tim Curry. Neither better than the other but just portrayed starkly different. Skarsgard's version to me is very creepy and closer to what the novel was going for.

The children who starred as the Losers club where the gems of the film. They actually displayed real emotion and fear onscreen. Their innocence came across perfectly to the audience and definitely aided in giving the film a realism not seen in horror films for a while.

In the sea of lame ghost movies and jump scares this was a refreshing and flat out GOOD adaptation on a horror classic I must rate this


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