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So What Do You Think About The New adidas NMD Model That Surfaced?

A few days ago images poped up on Instagram revealing a potential new design in the NMD family. Presumably dubbed the NMD TS1 Primeknit , the most notable addition comes in the form of the tongue flap that raises up revealing the laces underneath.

Based on a standard NMD R1 platform, synthetic material is also added at the base of the Primeknit upper throughout the midfoot.

As for my opinion, I like them. I mean not so much the color way of the samples but I can see the potential. We've seen some pretty innovate colorways from adidas and if these do actually release I'm sure they too will see a better color scheme.

We don't know for sure if these will release or if they are just a tease, but if we are lucky we could see them in the Fall/Winter 2018 adidas Originals line up. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes avalible, and more sneaker and lifestyle news.


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