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Justice League(2017 film)-Review

Though comic book movies have been consistently dominating box office, the latest DC installment has struggled a bit and the reason why is accessibility and too much assumption from the writers.

The trailers told of a story. Too much of a good thing to whereas nothing surprised me. not eve the end credit scene. That said,all the things I knew were going to happen in the film were pulled off seamlessly and beautifully. No cheap CGI here accept towards the end when Steppenwolf, the films villan is attempting to terra form the planet.

This movie seemed relatively short running at just under 2 hrs! You would think that if were going to tell a story based around multiple characters they would have used the extra 30 mins to flesh out the characters more making the film a little under 3 hrs run time but they didn't. Atlantis, Aquaman's homeworld was not showcased half as much as it should have been.

All in all I would say this is not film for casual fans. This movie assumes you know about the characters and are familiar with the source material and previous movies. If you are this film will be just like not watching a live adaptation of the Justice League cartoon. If not this film may not be for you.

Score 2/5


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