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"BOO!! - "Season."... SICKOMODE". The Off White X Nike Blazer "All Hallows

The Off White X Nike Blazer "All Hallows Eve" "Spooky Pack"

With Halloween softly looming over the late Summer August/ September Horizon, we all know the script!!.. The livest' Hunted House in the city, Starbucks' dopest October Blends with your girl and the biggest VIP party in the city on Friday night with the your most qualified Woes'!!! Costume this year!? "Freddy"..., "Jason"..., "Superman"..., or how about 2018's freshest/dopest Bape/Supreme combo!? - Nah - let the soft "Pumpkins" have all that!!...

- Introducing Off Whites newest candy bar to the camp, The Off White X Nike Blazer "All Hallows Eve" "Spooky Pack"!!. - Sharply Flavored with Virgil Abloh's most attractive "Go to goodies", the shoe flexes that most classic Vintage Nike motifs with the HARDEST contemporary stich of passion and luxury innovation. With plans to drop the shoe around the second week of September, Off White and Nike have you PROPERLY prepared to light everyone's night up with a "Boss laced" smooth caramel like rubber sole, that loud UFO NIKE swoosh ripped up the side and Abloh's signature simple text!! The "All Hallows Eye" is A MUST GO TO for any Thursday/Friday/Saturday night gathering or all out "flex" fest!!

The "Spooky Pack" as it is named surprises you with two sultry designs, the first being the Hallow as mentioned as well as "The Grim Reaper" that boasts an ALL BLACK swaggy' presentation with the classiest accents and soft textures present to complete any creative ensemble!! So whether its Rick Ross's Belaire party in Miami, Drizzy Drake caught saucin' in downtown Houston or the Migos drippin' soakin' wet out in ATL, the "SPOOKY PACK" is GUARANTEED to deliver in any fast paced environment!! SNATCH YOUR SPECIAL ORDER HERE at takeflight214 while taking complete advantage of our OctoberFest T-shirt and watch Prizepack!!. Just shoot an email to …… with the subject line "SPOOKY PACK" Pre-order" and WE'LL GET THEM TO YOU before any of your friends even have the slightest idea to out do this years digs for you!! Slight Trick, NASTY Treat - OFF WHITE lands again with eye candy YOU CANNOT complete the night without! - And remember as Mom always said... "Check that candy son - you don't know who got their hands in that stash.." - Ah but You do...!! - TAKEFLIGHT214/OFF WHITE/NIKE Octoberfest!!!!, -


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