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"Patek Philippe, the plain one - That's too much sauce - Got diamonds on all on my fingers - That's too much sauce."

- DJ ESCO, Future.

The POWER of fashion has always lied creatively within the proper arbitration of "Sauce" and the calculated finesse of absolute pure simplicity. With Gucci and the one and only diamond Dapper Dan's summer drop of their latest collabo, POWER strikes yet again 9 colors clean in the low top Dapper Dan!

We notoriously have been following the sometimes sketchy relationship between Dapper Dan and Gucci. We did a video covering the ordeal of the Dap jacked design that Gucci released a while back, and another updating the official collaboration once news originally broke. But we wait no longer, the collection rolls out.

With the calm soul of a late Stan Smith but the brave heart of an early Adidas Samba, the low top Dapper Dan gets the jean, khaki and short game done with the greatest of ease. With the generous use of a classy green and just the right sway of an eye catching "Roho" (that's red or "Redlife" to all our non Spanish speaking chicos and chicas out there)", the Dap Dan merges the perfect blend of vintage summer time greatness with the ice cold pull of a Lil Uzi Vert like "sparkly simplicity".

If you're not too familiar with High Luxury Streetwear don Dapper Dan, he's publicly identified as Harlem's human personification of "streetstyle and elegant intelligence". Dan has always carried the sound mind of the bonafide hustler and the soft touch of a private elite summertime tailor. Most notably recognized for his careful renditions of modern day "Jazzy Swag", most of Dapper Dan's fine works fall a few short inches from your most identifiable streetwear textures yet DEAD ON THE MARK of todays brightest and crispiest head turners!

Classified as what we would say as the "The right piece" - if wrapped around the right jacket, hoodie, or full button down Polo source, the low top "DD" plants some of the sharpest elements of style into a very much saturated montage of the same footwear you see on the normal day to day basis. - Medium leather drenched throughout and the most careful Gucci stich front to rear, the Gucci/Dapper Dan is much like the sharp black keys of the classiest ivory gloss piano!

So whether its back to school, the birthday bash of the year or a simple private flight back to Dubai, the low top Gucci / Dapper Dan gets you there in one piece. Rock it right, keep it simple. "Stay Thirsty my friend".


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