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" Good Feels. - H.E.R - New Era of Greatness and Feels Emerging within Contemporary Hip Hop Cul

"I should of listened.. - to my intuition, I put myself in this position... its all my fault...…….

"Against Me" - H.E.R.

2018 - "I used to Know Her". Prelude EP

"Honestly at this point, I am convinced she is an angel" - Unknown,

No one says it like "H.E.R", the cross between an "inner Drake or contemplative Migos in the studio composing head and heart content that draws your rawest smile, your truest emotions or your dirtiest Milly Rock," - The girl carries a middle spine of a late Jill Scott or a much more intuitive 80's series Janet Jackson well into her prime. With melodies that carry a poignant aroma of an enchanted sanctity, a sonic range, beat selection, tone, cadence and sheer greatness that register a "this girl is special" across you subconscious, H.E.R. is a gift before her time... A thorough millennial pre-legend truly studying her craft and methodically doing her homework!

With headbangers like the traphappy spinetappy "Feel a way", "Could've Been ft. Bryson Tiller or "Against me" bleeding from the fresh August prelude EP, Gabriella 'Gabi' Wilson is engraving herself to be one of Hip Hop and R&B's most treasured diamonds.

Haling from the dry heat of Vallejo, California, Gabi's post contemporary eternal presence lights a way for a new era of fresh, dope and greatness that redefines the complete music space of this era. With industry colleague artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tyler and the likes "Good Feels" takes a bright new head nod and body rock that we all can benefit from in such an increasingly innovative, creative and ever expanding modern existence.

If you haven't had a chance, take a moment this week and cop that "I used to know Her" prelude EP from any of your premium online audio pushers. And as you float to "In my feelings" via D.R.A.K.E , "I like it like that" by Ms. Cardi B or "Bubblin" featuring the over animated Anderson Pak, slip "I used to know Her" in the playlist. Its sure to create the irreplaceable Wednesday Good Feels and take you places only the most honorable are able to. The Days Finest to you. Go collect that Greatness!!

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