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"FASTERLANEZ".' Tory Lanez, "Love me Now", - #1 Rap Album Billboard Worldwid

Tory Lanez "Love Me Now" Track Listing


"She Told me"

"Drip Drip Drip"



"The Run Off"

*Trey Songs

*Triple Redd

*Rich the Kid

*Meek Milly


*2 Chainz

*Chris Brown

*Lil Baby


*A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

*Bryson Tiller

On the eve of even greater works to be revealed, Tory Lanez drops his prize pack jr album entitled Love me Now and lands #1 on the BIG BOI' Hollywood Billboard mega charts!

Molded, shaped and crafted to be a "swavey", bossy work exhibiting all his major accomplishments, Lanez flexes Lifestyle, Change, Accolade, Remorse and complete universal rearrangement across a wide range of colorful melodic soundwaves! As the album warms up each track graduates with a "dirty' sense of resolve, confidence and "Industry forward" oriented creativity, all extremely tangy side deserts of Tory's very best in innovation, poetic poise and conglomerate design!

Spending a great deal of his rookie experience in the under shadows and ghost features of the likes of Drake, Meek Mill, Jeremih', Trey Songs, Chris Brown and many others dominating the landscape, Tory Lanez has pushed, scratched, shouldered and bodied his way onto a wide open back straight all alone recklessly leading the pack! With more than 8 or more 101 proof tracks to assign repeat, Love Me Now takes you softly into the relational life of Miami, Fl, humbly across the water via Leer Jet and private message then boisterously into the seasonal core of Tory's passions, advances and thought provoking moments of defeat. Snatch "Love Me Now" on iTunes, Spotty and all major streaming mediums!.. Its a collection sure to move the heart, the soul and the speedometer if you're quickly in transit!! Love Me Now!!! Tory Lanez!!!. #1 Rap Album Billboard Worldwide!!! Get a sneak preview below!!


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