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2019 Super Bowl Party: Vegas Baby$$$ Hot VEGAS Nights

53rd annual NFL Super Bowl Party at the Palms

The Lights, The Plane ride, The Glamor.. -- Its Vegas Baby!! The Show, The Dinner, The Mood$$.. -- Its Vegas Baby! The Feels, The Palms, The ROOFTOPS.. -- Its V e g a s Baby!!! And in 2019, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA falls NOTHING short than the spot to mingle as the lights come down, the Super Bowl heats up and Super Stars come out to play "one more gain' in the city that shines absolutely ALL evening long!!

53rd annual NFL Super Bowl Party at the Palms

If you've ever touched soil in Las Vegas, NV the whole encounter is ENORMUS and an absolute EXPERIENCE to say the least! Whether its the larger than life Casinos, the big boy Palm Resort or the ENDLESS to do's you can finagle your way into daily, its an awesome ride and a one time event you've NEVER experienced in your life!!

53rd annual NFL Super Bowl Party at the Palms

And if matters could get any worse, Vegas will capitalize this year in hosting the 53rd annual NFL Super Bowl Party at the illustrious Palms Hotel alongside big acts like Maxim Magazine, G Easy, Nick Cannon, Afro Jack and Mix Master Mike just to name a few! BUT the party neither stops or EVEN GETS STARTED there as the young boi' Drake is in the mix to sign a 10 MILLION dollar Residency deal with club XS in 2019 along side Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Santana and even music legend Celine Dion!!!

So if the plane tickets right and you're off Friday anyway, book the flight and get your camera phone, Snapchat and Twitch game ready! Sunday launches a MAJOR season for what's to come in 2019 for the Silver State and if pretty boy Drake is in town all year, YOU KNOW what's going down! Lucky Las Vegas! -- Win, Lose or Draw - Its VEGAS Baby 2019!! And Yep, ITS ABSOLUTULEY LITTTTT!!!!


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