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2019 NBA Recap - Style, Science, and Season Sensation

As a committed basketball junkie, an astute sports fan or simply a "6th" man on the bench" that loves to chime in to the best highlights or gassed obnoxious banter via SC or First take,

we can never catch all the games or benefit substantially from the best the season has to offer!

Well, today's your lucky day!! We cried, did our homework, busted up our all of our knee caps and found you THE BEST plays, allies and behind the backs of the entire 18/2019 season!

From the "chemical explosion" we all witnessed in the early season in Lebron's new Kingdom, the star lights and star brights of the All Star game in the Michael Jordan's backyard, the NBA stacked as much as you could possibly ask for in a basketball program for the 2018/2019 term!!

In brief retrospect, regular season play was amazing, all the trades, rumors, switches and bobs kept us on the edge of our seats and the Man Cave slap full on demand!

If you catch a hassle free, "woman free" 10 minutes of your day today, catch all the best of the NBA 2019 season in the link provided below. - Its all the ooohs, ahhs and behind the scenes stuff your gruesome work schedule just wouldn't let you get to! 

What would you do without Takeflight214 in your back pocket!!? - I mean we keep your sanity AND feed all your wild culture crack cravings!!  Ahhh we love it too!!  So sit down, share a Coke and a smile with the TAKE and bask in the glory! - It may even set your appetite for all your 2020 predictions and stat prescriptions!! And uh yea, once again, you can thank us later!!

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