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Academy of Contemporary Music New Rap and MC Degree

Real Music, Real game, High Stakes. Welcome the new age and new era of progressive music culture -  the advanced side, an official "Rap and MC Degree" exclusively in the UK from The Academy of Contemporary Music!!!

Straight out of their Guilford and Birmingham campuses, blooming rappers, artists, Mc's and the like can now take the "intelligent" and advanced climb to top of the sacred hill of music via a  course strictly designed to teach artists all the hustle and premium "nik naks" of Hip Hop, electronic and urban music!!

ACM is greatly excited about the new landscape surrounding the new degree and states that more than high an a tier professional education, its a direct opportunity for musiciains to connect, vibe and collab with others of like mind and value organically pushing a higher success rate for hot up and coming music aficionados!!

The program is completely open for enrollment now and will start officially in September of 2019!!

If you're an avid music head, you already know the "champion' sound" the Kingdom brings world wide whether EDM, Hip Hop or classy production seduction! We expect ACM's new baby should be nothing short of impressive for continuing the cultures contribution!! 

Puts a new spin on raising the "Bar". - Dope shi$ indeed! Big ups to The Academy of Contemporary Music for the new goodies. Great things to come!!!    


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