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Air Jordan 9 Dream It, Do it -"Lucky Charms"!!

If #Nike had a unique puzzle piecing game that you could take one of their most sought after shoes, pin it on a canvas and then carefully pick and choose which colors and textures would create the perfect "Dream Come true", what would you pick!? I mean - How would you do it!!? What would it look like!!? 

How about the Air Jordan 9 - "Dream it, Do it" for the Spring Season 2019!! - Fully inspired and engineered from Nike's best #Jordan work of the middle 90's, the "Dream It, Do it" in form is the swaggy successor to the vintage "Just Do It" campaign that was cast in the 90's era that pushed some of the same marketing chemistry and sophistry!!

The 9 "Dream it, Do it" exhibits a multicolor gym ready middle lower stacked with a VERY smooth almost alligator like Full Black Leather meeting up top!! Special dessert items include a "Dream it, Do it" "tie" and special model inscription up top as well as an icy complete white sole and Rubix cube like rear ankle finisher out back!!

"Dream it, Do it" pops tags for $190.00 US out the gate and is worth every nickel, dime and penny! They are available now and TOTALLY in step for the washed Khaki folded slacks and icy white crispy Polo game to match!!!

LEVEL UP with the fresh new Air Jordan 9, Dream it, Do it!! - The second times DEFINITELY a "charm"!!!


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