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Ana Montana - "Big and Bad": Weekly Muse

"You got some big shoes to fill.." - You remember those words growing up!? Well ladies, friends, boys, girls - she's standing right in front of you! Welcome STUPID BAD Ms. "Ana Montana"! - Umm, (clears throat) where do we go from here!!?

Well, with a modeling and social influencer portfolio that stretches from her 0 to 2M plus Instagram account all the way across to her deep African Island roots, then all the way back up to world alliances like Smooth / Vibe magazine, or premier video appearances with TI "TIP" Harris, Rick Ross or ex Cash Money legend Lil Wayne, Analicia Chaves knows "Big" well, talks "Big" talk and is on to "Big" things at every level of her life!

Facts. Cape Verde Africa Roots

Grown. New Bedford, Massachusetts



Traveling Entertainment Host. and consistent heart breaker. 

"Bad" has it's advantages!

Catch Ms. Analicia Chaves ANYWHERE on the Net, flexin' beast like on her personal app or 2 steps away from  R I D I C U L O U S !

If "Ana Montana" was found anywhere in a museum, 2 things would be for sure, the line would be a hallway + 1 long and "Big and Bad" would definitely be the title of the collection!  - "Big" looks good on you Ms. Montana!! Stay right there!  



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