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Antonio Brown, "Mind of A Beast", Summer Prep and SKILL with the Oakland Raiders

50++++ MILLION Dollars, three seasons, 30 MILLION dollars cash guaranteed and a new regime VERY excited about applying their complete team DNA to all of his wiggles and zig zags, Antonio Brown's presently building a MIND OF A BEAST and this season should be a VERY good one for him and the new crew in Oakland!!

In a compelling new summer training media set via the Tube, Brown exhibits all the intricate pieces that make him the highest paid wide receiver currently in the NFL.

BIG weights, lightning runs, precise weight training and a "swoosh bag" chalk full of his comical and cocky self, Antonio Brown is quite the product off the big lights and the 100 yard white marks!!

Catch these two intriguing sets as Antonio merges his red bull like passion with the new Silver and Black legendary branding of the Oakland Raiders!

All in and everything aside, This boy is gonna be an ABSOLUTE train wreck this season!! - Stand clear and "out the way"!!! --- Beast coming in HOTTT!!! 

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