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Celtic Special Edition New Balance 997H

No matter how many pairs of "just the right ones" we have stacked away, there's always "that one" you catch simply window shopping that have to cop to join the collection!!

Enter the Scottish Celtic Special Edition 997H co driven by #NewBalance!! Specially thread as the crown to the teams "Treble Treble" win, its that low top, spicy go getter that takes your summer Thursday night life hangout game up two notches! 

Properly laced with an all star "high" white, creme and Celtic themed upper and the traditional New Balance fast pace low end, the 997H does everything you want it to do with all the added "hyper' to get the attention you deserve!! Rock the new 997 all flared out, white socks up #NipeyHussle tall Crenshaw wavy or loose the socks, blow em out and show off the ankles!!

Whatever your flavor "tea", New Balance and Celtic got a lil burner on their hands! Catch a pair for the cool $110.00 US and sauce on em'! The good ol green and white just does something to ya on initial reaction!! 

We like it!!!  


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