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Dave East X Nipsey Hussle Collaboration

Its been a few short, greatly inspiring, deeply moving and seriously thought provoking months since the unexpected death of West Coast mini legend young Nipsey Hussle and whether you are a die hard Nip Hussle / Crenshaw fan or an innocent bystander unable to ignore the impact and supreme influence Hussle had on the culture, let the truth be told, “Hussle passion” runs DEEP  among both peers and unnamed associates.

Marks of a true champion, evidence of a master gracefully tip toeing toward his “time”.

Familiar rap face Dave East just so happens to dwell amongst the closest of “friends” and family to the late Great Hussle and lo and behold, it seems as though East has some untouched and unreleased jewels mutually exclusive to him and Hussle that shall be dawning on us very shortly!!

In a targeted interview with culture jaggornaught Revolt, East expresses his deep love, respect and high admiration he held and still holds for Hussle and the true honor it was to be “anywhere” in Nips presence!

Album wise, East boldly states him and Hussle were “six songs in” on a mutual project that would have had global effects. East confidently tells sources him and Nip even had a huge tour blueprint put together for the project..., - a mutual friendship that “runs deeper that rap and music” but one that holds deep and organic roots as mutual friends, personal associations and even Rolling 60 / Rolling 30 group associations. 

Expect Easts first Major Label debut “Survival” just weeks away and you can be SURE the six unreleased works between him and the late Hussle will be yet another deeply moving circle around Victory Lane for the late great Nipsey Hussle. East, we’re just as excited as you, we’ll see you on the red carpet!! 


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