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"For Her" - The COACH Kisslock Dreamer 21

When it comes to "COACH", consistent sales flow and quarterly financial goals ARE NEVER a problem in any given subset! - Yet why not swing for the "way in the green "summer fences" with the brand spanking new summer REXY collection!!

The perfect pre-summer fitment for the queen and/ or "Bae" , the new REXY collection boasts a Shanghi twist formally engraved by four select and unique Chinese artists straight out of China!!

Baseline traditional Coach, the Dreamer bends the regular release mold as contracted designer Guang Yu's very vibrant fingerprint properly reinterprets the staple REXY model all "sauced up" the front side.

A rich mixture of coated canvas, buffalo embossed leather, smooth leather, snakeskin and three other accent leather choices to match, the 21 checks all the boxes for your CRAZY PICKY "other" half!!

The bag measures 8.25" (L) x 8.75" (H) x 4" (W) while being just one of about 5 new models to grace the scene for the Hot Summer vibe!!!

Checkout at $495.00US anywhere COACH is sold and you might as well add the matching spotless white tee to make it complete!!! - She'll be nothing but smiles and you know what you stack up in return!!!

Handl' dat!!! and Enjoy thyself mate!! The "COACH" is calling!!!!!


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