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Hermes "Mors" Fitted Italian Sweatshirt 2019 - Pretty Boy Hermes

Sharp Italian Aroma ; "To the last Detail" rough stich and texture selection. Classic luxury roots and highly distinctive fashion character... Survey SAYS!! ...#Hermes "Mors" sweatshirt Spring / Summer 2019! - It's like hitting a hole in one without even touching the picture perfect golfing greens!!

Urban application or classy Thursday vibes, The Hermes Spring / Summer collection "Mors" sweatshirt wrecks shop on any general prep outfit canvas!

"Mors" flexes a weighty 100% cotton structure, an impressive full leather lambskin front horse bit middle print and enough "fitted" personality to get you PLENTY of friendly female conversation at will!

"Mors" is a direct byproduct of the Hermes Equestrian heritage and serves a distinguished vibe unfamiliar to the regular "run of the mill" urban creative spring design motif.

This fine Italian johnnie will cost you 940US if you're all in but you knew that and wanted it anyway as soon as you saw it! - Roll up the khacks, loose the socks and snatch your favorite icy necklace and cologne combo! - Nothing like the Hermes Pretty Young Boy swag bundle!!!

You can Thank us later$$. Enjoy this moment!


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