Home Sweet "Home" - Russel Westbrook Trade and Re-unite W/ James Harden

This has probably been one of the wildest trading off seasons we've seen in the last 5 years! - If you close your eyes for 2 seconds, you can envision an almost playground like basketball season forming for the National Basketball Association but don't blink twice, the picture can change again in an instant!!!

Welcome the modern day "marksman" Russel Westbrook to the main stage and not as the familiar Oklahoma City "crackle" but now the re-united right hand man to "King" James Harden out in Houston, Texas!!

We know - absolutely CRAEZEE right!!!  It was announced Thursday that RussyWes will be taking the very reflective flight to Texas as a result of an ENORMOUS  deal including a complete team culture swap for Chris Paul, yes CHRIS PAUL, 2 first-round picks in 2024 and 2026, as well as pick swaps in 2021 and 2025!!

For Houston, Rockets fans get a mind blowing re-unite that can honestly go two ways, a "home sweet home" family reunion or a cold awkward handshake between two matured best friend evolved worst enemies! No report has been yet released from Hardens thoughts and point of view on the new addition.

In OKC, the Thunder take hold of a enormously rare opportunity to create a completely revamped "superman squad" with all the draft pick, salary cap and short term blueprinting being done. 2 first round picks out the gate in 24 and 26, and a yielded total of EIGHT first-round picks since draft night..

2020: Denver (1-10), 2021: Miami; 2022: LAC; 2023: Miami (1-14), 2024: LAC; 2024: Houston (1-14); 2026: LAC; 2026: Houston (1-4)!!!