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How Berner Turned 1 Wendy's Check Into The Cookies Brand Empire

Even if you don't happen to be so lucky to live in a state with legal weed, theirs no doubt you have heard of the Cookies Brand. Over the years they have taken the plant medicine industry by storm, they've got over 50 dispensaries, and a clothing and accessories line that helps spread the word to those of us in states perhaps not so lucky. Which is also how I personally justify including the brand in the series, Cookies manages to marry 2 of my fav things in life, fashion and gas. But truth be told, they have managed to do much more than just that. As of today, they stand on the precepts of being the world's first billion dollar weed business, if their not already there. But how did it all start? How did a guy turn a job at Wendy's into the world's first weed

empire? Well lets find out, I'm Nate the great from and this is the history of Cookies.


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