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Jay Z and Co. - The Billionaire Club

"A HARD act to follow" would be a great way to coin the shiny billionaire club's newest inductee, Mr. Sean Carter !

With over 15/20 years of superior impressive reign, strategic planning, blood, sweat, tears and anything else that'll fit in that particular glove compartment, Sean Carter has set himself aside as Hip Hop's silent king now reaching Forbes rare golden courts of the billionaire brand. Absolutely HUGE indeed. 

Sir Jigga carries over 310 Million in value in Armand De Brignac, 220 Million in various personal cash investment, 100 Million in his "premium liquor fountain" Dusse', an estimated 100 Million in the king of the streaming hill Tidal, 75 Million in Roc Nation, 75 Million in his extensive music catalogue, 70 million in his art collection, and over 50 Million in his generally exclusive real estate endeavors. 

What makes it so impressive or unique!? Who's done it Carlito's way? - young Marcy drug dealer turned artful business man, Music Icon and highly valued second half of the legendary Mr. and Mrs Carter global entertainment badge.

Mr. Carter has done something absolutely phenomenal in an age and genre that has so many side roads and potholes that lead to apathy, over saturation and low artistic market value. In complete and true contrast however, we toast Mr. Carter on his new address on billionaires hill and wish him and B the best as they scan for the next chapter of their fantasy like worldwide existence! 

Keep doin what ya doin New York - the light only gets brighter from here!!!

Thoroughly Impressive!!!  


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