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Kobe Bryant X Spalding Black Mamba 24k Special Release

4/13 marks the official Nike celebration of the career of Kobe Bryant! This year will mark 3 years since his retirement from professional NBA basketball!

Creatively fitting, Spalding has created a special "Mamba skin" 24k basketball that will be released the day before!

The ball is the official weight and size of a regulation NBA ball but it also houses a full Mamba composite skin as well! Desert item to the ball is also a special display case it will also be released in!

The 24K is set to be released at 125.00 US on the 12th and will be availible at 1pm eastern Friday via Dicks Sporting goods online!!

So if you're a premier young baller, a die hard Kobe fan or a collector who goes hard for Kobe and the legendary marks he's left on the game and culture at large, it's a perfect addition to all the collectibles! Mamba Mindset, Mamba feels from behind the strike!! 


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