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Kyrie Irving to the L.A, LAKERS!!?

The explosions never cease to multiply in the home of TMZ, the Hollywood Hills and yep those pretty boi' swaggo L.A.Lakers!!!

The newest flame to catch the Hollywood Cali hillsides : Kyrie Irving trying to carve his familiar face into the "under construction" Lakers regime Mt. Rushmore!!!

News hit this week and select sources as the Lakers have been doing some heavy hardware shopping over the last few days... And while Mr. Irving's is still in the dressing room, Frank Vogel and none other than JASON KIDD have already hit the register and been rung up!!!

How serious is the deal? Sources say it's real - the phones on and the scales are being weighed to artfully ad Uncle Irving to the evolving young roster!!..

Respectfully, Adding Kyrie would add about 20-27 points to Bron's back court reserve tank and a much needed "calculated" press up the back court at the point guard position!!    

Facts or cooked fiction, if the deal is completed, the legendary Lakers will have one hell of a story to carry into the 2020 term!! - I mean gisssssh - what else can you get under the Christmas Tree!!!? Magic Johnson, Legendary Kobe, Lebron "Batman" James, and the green Robin from Boston!!? 

Hollywood castings are pending... Cross your championship ring fingers, its in the making!!!!

Stay posted boys!!!!  


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