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Monica Alverez: Weekly Muse

Her name is Monica Alvarez. You can call her cute, sexy, model "ting" or even one of New York's sweetest "Apples"!

Famously known for her substantially "fruitful" Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as a keynote Pac Sun print that she was featured on a few years back, her social and electronic modeling presence is truly intimately felt. 

Additional to her personal and independent pursuits, she's also been interviewed by Maxim and also capitalizes on most of her demographic via her many fitness savvy video interactions. 

Short, WELL proportioned and picture "soft" on every presentation, Monica is premium eye candy and a joy to watch evolve. 

Catch her via any of her "bright" platforms and be careful how long you stay, the "flex factor" is supremely addictive!!

Flex on him baby gurl', the "Alveefeels" are dopey heartfelt! 


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