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Nike SB x Jordan 1 Bone and Black Release:"All the Cookies and All the Crème!"

With SO many united colorways "jumping out the gym" this spring, wouldn't it be nice to have a super simple pair of SB Dunks that you can both sip a cold bottle of champagne in and secretly slip through the mall in!? Well your wish is the Nike Gods command!!  Introducing the premiere SB Jordan 1 "Bone and Black"! All season "Cookies", All swago "Creme'!!"

Filtered from an early Lakers colored theme and inspiration, the SB Bone and Black protects all the cold simplicity of an exclusive Dunk product while also "uping the ante" with a sleek, smooth, one way silky upper motif!

Adding to the new Jordan 1 ingredients includes "wear based hidden color" which is found directly behind the all black Swoosh as well as all the deeper gray sock panes on the outside of the shoe. Hidden behind the Swoosh is a bleeding pink and behind the darker greys a poppy orange!! - Topping off the new design is an all black middle tongue and very fitting single black lace fitment!

The SB Jordan 1 "Bone and Black" takes it first peek in the public in April and the price isn't quite yet known. However if we know the Nike SB drop culture well, they should sit right near the B+ / A range in terms of pricing and retail positioning!

So whether its purpose driven "post up" or mindless "play and show off", the SB Jordan 1 "Bone and Black" satisfies all your various desert needs! - You already own the strawberry, grape and lime counter parts, - try the two stack Cookies and Crème'! Its SB ice cream at its finest!!!!  


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