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Polly Marchant "UK Trouble"- Weekly Muse

"Ice" ; perfectly shaped, "cold" in every way and processed very carefully from one state to transition from one state to the next!

Polly Marchant ;  "giftedly" much of the same, - "Ice" cold, perfect in design and one of NONE!!

Where's she from? The Bless-ed United Kingdom and most well noted for her impeccable make up game which creatively includes unique facial upgrades, lashes, tools and one off full kit packages!

Polly's weighs in at light 25 years young, Taurus in sign and a sheer bombshell on any turf!!

Marchant can be found via 1 of her three high protein Instagram accounts as well as her well executed website at

So whether is personal photo work, modeling, a little bit more intently engaged interaction via her multiple business platforms, it clearly gets "cold" in every Polly M media pocket!

UK, you got trouble!!!! 



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