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"Puma BMW MMS Evo Cat Racer" New Release

Something "a little special" for the hard core sneaker collector connoisseur in you!!! Puma introduces the #BMW MMS EVO Cat Racer!!

Presented as a one of a kind "cross beast" that closely mimics a slick Nike prerunner or slimmed and refined #Yeezy, the MMS EVO gets the job done for a myriad of purposes! 

Perfect for a quick cardio workout, an early morning run or casual lunch with the cutie you met last weekend, the Cat Racer keeps all the basics in tact to give you a truly unique multipurpose BMW sponsored ankle rider!

White cotton knitted mesh on the top floor, a soft openly flexible sole beneath and high sheer silver lace fittings / accents that accompany the fatty BMW Motorsport on the outter face, the EVO gets the point across in a bold and expressive manner!!

190.00US out the pocket gets it done and you can snatch a pair directly from PUMA's site while supplies last! - Bimmer cleaned up, all the clothes washed, - slip on the MMS EVO Cat Racer and let the random conversations begin! You know their coming as soon as you hit the elevator!!!  


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