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“Still Kanye!” - Kanye West “Jesus is King” Album Release

It’s deeply soulful. Evenly and provocatively “spiritual”. - Organically Kanye West. 

But even more so a more “timely” Kanye West. Welcome to another level and a tastefully “altered” and electric Kanye West. He still got bars. He still got beats. And he still got the soul and super intentional bold Kanye that makes him all of what he is and has always been!

The album, - of course, it bangs. Will you / do you like it!!? Well it’ll probably depend on your longterm continual level of “cultural” commitment to Ye’ but it’ll also probably have a little or maybe even a WHOLE lot to do with your draw to something that’s just simply true, raw, and authentic about his recent experience.

The Media has had a lot to say concerning the “new dawn” of Kanye as well as his ever climbing Sunday Service that travels weekly / bi-weekly all around the country.

In a pretty stout interview with Big Boy of Power 106, Ye breaks down an interesting year that brought him to his lowest place in life in which he states life and his circumstance lifted him to a new hunger and ultimately what is now known as Jesus is King and the Kanye West of this caliber and new creative endowment. 

The best ones on the new paradigm,.. probably “Every Hour” a strongly cultural ballad that kicks off the album with a live choir sample loaded with plenty of traditional West kick. - “Follow God” that traces much of the same artistic lines and probably “Hands on”, a synth strong “mission statement” in a sense that expresses Ye’s public opinion on himself, his critics and all his saucy moves forward.

All and all, It’s still Ye’, - he still has his strong opinions, he still has the core talent that makes him universally intriguing and he still is “that guy” that phrases bars, ideas, social persuasions and fame all into the monstrous projects and completions that keep us watching his every step.

Toast to Ye’ and all his positive moves towards a bigger and even more personal existence!!! Every project still keeps that Kanye touch brightly in view and you can be COMPLETELY sure great things are still to come from the boi’ out West!!

Jesus is King

Every Hour


Follow God

Closed on Sunday

On God

Everything We Need


God Is. 

Hands On

Use the Gospel

Jesus is Lord


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