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Stranger Things X NIKE "Nostalgic Pack"

If you're familiar with media "megaaux" #Netflix, you're probably more than aware of the hit series "Stranger Things"! 

An auxiliary cable hit, the paradigm tells of a curious mob of teens that stumble across some super top secret government findings that include some crazy human beings, alternative new worlds and some thriller like "alter creatures"!!

An attractive story indeed, #Nike uses its superior sci-fi branding brains and integrates its new Nostalgic "Stranger Things" drop to initiate at the end of this month!

Fully reflective of the Hawkins High School thematics in the show as well as a few other dessert items inclusive of the constructive culture, the drop gives you the dopest tones of all the more than ripe content laced in the series general plot!!

Special edition Cali Cortezs', Blazers, Tailwinds and a few extra sweat sets that contribute to the same vibe and textures involved, the designs exhibit super detailed product and a nice turn from the "norm" you get in each blueprint!!

When can you join the club!? #Strangerthings new season premiers at the end of the month and continues into July!

So be on the immediate lookout for the drop. It's sure to be a "Stranger" flavor of the best of the Nike summer candy closet!! - Old skool tones, right now textures. Stay alert all 214Flightees!!  


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