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"STYX" Movie Release out Now!!!, Stranded at Nothing

You live a very successful existence full of goals, deadlines and fulfilling awards. To immediately get away from it all, you plan an ABSOLUTELY BLISSFUL trip to the wide open Atlantic ALL BY YOURSELF with no other goal or motive than to clear your mind, reset your year and peacefully regroup..

The trip was amazing!!... The open sea, fast winds, slow winds, brand new wooden bottom yacht you drooled over before you bought it... Additionally, the sunrises were dope, the sounds of the open waves unreal and to top it all off, you took the trip COMPLETELY BY YOURSELF.

THEN just when things seemed blissfully "unreal", terror strikes.. You spot an open wrecked boat and hear the vivid screams and cries of a football field of people directly in front of you... Of course you do what any "revolutionary" human on vacation would do, you lightly panic, muster up the balls to try and assist, frantically hop on the radio only to be immediately shut down by a group of people who simply just don't give a sh$t. -- What do YOU do? - Its ONLY YOU on the boat, you're HOURS from home and any pinch of help... The seas even quieter now right? 

The chills roll up you arm, restlessness sets in, hopelessness starts to speak to the back of your throat. - This is "panic" in its purest and most powerful state. - This is "trouble", and yes this is #STYX, just released a few days ago!  

If the "movie date" move was peacefully on the back on your mind for the upcoming week, well hey we just upgraded you!!!

A bone chilling Wolfgang and Fischer film starring Susanne Wolf, "STYX" is that early Spring heart wrencher you need on your middle week hump day off!! Overdosed with all the thrills, suspense and climax to make a 5 star hit, its the story of a young professional who is simply minding her own vacationing business and immediately slapped with the greatest fear of her life!!! - STYX starring Susanne Wolf!!, - What exactly do you think you're made of!? - Well, go test "the waters"!! Check out the preview and score tickets here.

"Susanne Wolf is never less than Remarkable" - The Hollywood Reporter

"A POWERFUL piece of filmmaking" - The Upcoming


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