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The Godfathers Of Streetwear: The Creators Of Culture

In the sprawling tapestry that is the world of fashion, there exist architects of style, visionaries who transformed a humble niche into a global phenomenon. Streetwear, for me it's been a way of life since I was teenager, coming into know in the world. Like many of you guys in the audience, I came of age along side the grena and have seen all the phases it has gone through along the way. Streetwear is partially responsible for transforming style and fashion as a whole, offering a new form of expression for millions the world over. Over the course of the lifespan of the channel, we've done deep dives on many of the brands credited with being the originators of the style. But today, I decided to do something a bit different. This video is about handing out flowers to the people who started it all, the pioneers, the innovators, the godfathers of streetwear.

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