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The Legend Of Shinsuke Takizawa And Neighborhood : Kings Of Ura Harajuku

Ever since Tokyo based streetwear brand NEIGHBORHOOD’s 2019 collaboration with Converse dropped, the widely known truth has continued to become even more unavoidable: Shinsuke Takizawa and by extension NEIGHBORHOOD, is cool, and has been so for quite some time now. Maybe it’s because of the brand’s roots in Japanese Motorcycle subculture; or perhaps its creator Shinsuke Takizawa’s appreciation for punk-rock and American counter-culture. Either way, NEIGHBORHOOD is a brand that’s definitely worth knowing about. But despite this, the brand had been virtually unknown in the West for some time. For nearly two decades, non-stateside streetwear was basically a well-kept secret for those in the know, and the idea of two competing brands working together on a co-branded product the way Japanese brands do on a regular basis was unthinkable. But that all began to change, and the states were finally introduced to the wonders of brands like NEIGHBORHOOD. But have you ever wondered how brands like this were able to get their start in the land of the rising sun? Well let's find out. I'm Nate the Great from Takeflight and this is the story of NEIGHBORHOOD.


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