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Virgil Abloh "OFF-WHITE" New ODSY-1000 - "Tricked" and Even More Treats

How in the WORLD does "ugly" become "must have"? Ummmmmmm, Let us help you, two very vicious early Halloween words - VIRGILABLOH!

The OFF WHITE "ODSY 1000"... - Yep its the newest pumpkin in the patch and you either like it or ok ok ok, - you can say it - YOU HATE IT!!!!

No matter what you think, "Gross", sticky, sweet, "buttery" or nah, Prince Virgil turns all his lights out and leaves you the spooky note and all the extreme tongue twisting treats all in one!!!

What seems to be a direct aim at the newest "Hiker Luxury" monster sneaker, the 1000 looks, feels and presents itself like everything cooked up in its "other worldly" Off White alias. 

An ENORMOUS power packed lower sole attacks the foundation of the shoe where it then audaciously meets a deep grade suede mid band which serves as a bright billboard for 

the calligraphy touched classic OFFWHITE "X"! Furthermore, sharing the same floor, Off White deco of many sorts wrap themselves 360 degrees around the boot which then ends up in a very non-traditional lace structure, neutral tounge backdrop, 

and lacing pod!!

On initial glance, the ODSY 1000 looks like a specialty shoe fresh off the line for Mr. Monster Mash himself but if you know fashion like we know fashion and you have the heart to get uber creative about the right pieces to match to them, you have quite the stone cold hard body to spook the masses !!!

You can snatch a pair of VA's Dracula blood at known outfitter LN-CC over seas for a cool 650 US!!!! And whether making your mark at the nearest Haunted house here in a few weeks or "Trick or Treating" at some of the most exclusive parties downtown, the New OFF WHITE ODSY 1000's got all the spooky highlights to cause a scene! 

So you don't have to "Tricked" by all the hype surrounding the over aggrandized medical doctor "Dad shoe", Virgil left you plenty of "treats" to curb your opinion! - Watch what's in that bag this season "kiddies"!!! You just don't know WHAT might sneak up on ya!!!

Happy Halloween from TAKEFLIGHT214! Be Safe and ENJOY THYSELF!!


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