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"We have LIFT OFF" The Polo 11 Self Heated Winter Down Jacket

The Polo 11 Self Heated Winter Down Jacket

100% Polyester

100% Nylon

90% Duck Down 

10% White Duck Feathers

For years Polo Ralph Lauren has both innovated and maintained some of the most progressive and "Fashioncentric" street and prep based design within the greater urban and corporate fashion environment.

But get this - How about an absolute A TIER puffy Duck Down, full flap detachable sides, a full repellant nylon base, a Mophie powered climate controlled middle all comfortably controlled via your phone on the RL APP via static Bluetooth!! 

Polo BOASTFULLY re-introduces the sick contemporary rendition of their 1997 full #Olympic competition platform in the #Polo 11 heated down Jacket! The 97 rendition was worn by select athletes in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea and the collab was an official product creatively fueled by both Polo #RalphLauren and the US Olympic Committee!!      

The 11's been spotted at around 1600US and is available at all supporting retail attachments. Take your fast forward fashion game to the next level in The POLO Ralph Lauren 11 Heated Duck Down Jacket! Fully cleared, the heavens wide open and waiting, Houston --- We have LIFT OFF!!!! 

The Polo 11 Self Heated Winter Down Jacket


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