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Weekly Muse: Dolly Castro, Caliente' Nicaragua

Any real man will tell you, its in the eyes... - Its all in the eyes, the eyes tell the story, the eyes mirror the soul, and the eyes are what gets "the one" taken home to mom. 

Remember young g's and lads, we told you, - Its ALWAYS in the EYES!

Dolly Castro: Eyes of Flame, Heart of ambition, Soul of a woman. Formed descent from "down in the shade" in Nicaragua, yet made popular via prolific shooting right her in Miami, Fl, Dolly Castro covers the internet in all forms.

Huge in Fitness, and big on the health end of human experience, Castro easily ruins your focus with the very meticulous nature of her small, smooth caramel frame. Her Height, young flare and poised disposition all sell a very organic nature and an even more compelling sex appeal$.

With high spread cheek bones like a Lauren London and a soft silky skin tone like a late summer Kim Kardashian on her high Calabasas sun tan Shi$, Castro got that saucy "IT' factor that sets her apart from many of the rest!!

Check Dolly out via her Instagram account and join the 6.2, yea we said it - 6.2 million followers that all feel the same we do!!

With summer definitely coming a close, the temperature will surely come down but if you catch Dolly Castro anywhere near Miami, heat or not, the flames can be seen right next to where she is!!

Stick it DC, "You got girl, you got IT"!!!       

          - Drake & Chris Brown, No Guidance.  


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