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Women's Jordan 1 Retro Blue Chill - Liquid Ice, Keep the Netflix, Let's "Chill"

A big box of Strawberrys, 14 Roses, a sexy collection of caramel filled chocolates and oh yes, the #AirJordan 1 Retro Blue Chill!! Its all in your bag of tricks, DIRECTLY in time for Valentines Day!!!  

A glossy patent leather upper, a fashionable Jordan UNC Blue conglomerate, a bright white lower and some sickey' sick blue laces to match, your Valentines day just went to the top level!

Expect 300 - 500US off the hip currently for the new 1 and shop quick for this this All Star Weekend pre-runner! You win, she wins, -- everybody's happy right!?  Just "Chill". 



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