Top 20 Back To School Items For Cool Kids

Top 20 Back To School Items For Cool Kids

Back to school signs are all over the place that can only mean one thing, Summers almost over. But to make things better here at Flight 214 we have made a top 20 clothing essential for you the cool kids looking prepare for the coming school year. Lets start from the top.

Essential 1

the weekend starboy tour merch dad hat cap

- A dad hat, anyone who ever has bad hair days or is running late this is definitely an essential. To not have to try to dress up and still look very stylish, the dad cap is a very important part of any wardrobe.

supreme sunglasses top 20 back to school items

2- Glasses alot of students wear glasses but having the right ones are key to looking good. I would suggest getting some that look basic and stylish and a solid color instead having to having to wear the same color to match your glasses every day.

top 20 back to school streetwear t shirts

3- For shirts, you are going to want to have perfect fitting T-Shirts preferably colors like white, grey, and black. These will definitely be the basics and will be easier to build an outfit with.

top 20 back to school streetwear oxford shirts

4. The button downs like oxfords. Some dress shirts you don't want to look to over done or like you're trying too hard. So basic colors will do the trick this is for the guys who rather look classy than like most kids around, but stick to basic button downs nothing to over dressed.

top 20 back to school streetwear polo shirts

5. Polo shirts are a must especially if you want a more mature and a grown look. Most polo shirts are very good looking are still very comfortable since you can wear these in the heat and will still feel great.

top 20 back to school streetwear bomber jackets

6. Winter will be here before you know it, and your going to need a jacket. Bomber jackets are a great start, this is jacket that can be worn with almost any shirt or any sweater and you will still have that street style look and edge to your ensemble.

top 20 back to school streetwear denim jackets

7. Next up denim jackets these are also a versatile jacket that can be worn with any T-shirt and look good and are stylish for any occasion.

top 20 back to school streetwear field jackets

8. The last of the must have jackets, a field jacket. Field jackets are not only just jackets that can be worn classy but can also just be put with a T-Shirt and still look very good no matter the shirt.

top 20 back to school streetwear chino pants

9. Now lets move on to pants, if you want to look more sophisticated than most of your class mates chinos are the way to go, they can be dressed up and even dressed down u can never go wrong with a pair of chinos.

top 20 back to school streetwear dark denim

10. Tenth on the list is a dark pair of denim jeans. These jeans are a good way to go especially since if they get dirty or anything gets on them rest assure that you wont see a spot, so for jeans that's the way to go.

top 20 back to school streetwear distressed denim

11. Distressed denim is still hot, and if you want to look more trendy instead of sophisticated i would recommend a pair of jeans with blown out knees. These jeans can surely make any of your jackets and tee's look 10 times better.

12. Basketball Shorts, b ball shorts have come back in a huge way several brands have released highend luxury versions of this long time streetwear staple. The best thing about basketball shorts is they are extremely comfortable and if you have the right style sense or proper tips, you can dress these up and take them off the court.

top 20 back to school streetwear track pants

13. For those days you want to look good I would recommend a pair of track pants. Perfect for those lazy days were you don't want to dress up, a pair of track pants will do the trick. But not just any track pants you want to make sure the track pants are nice and tailored so they wont look bad on you, you don't want them too baggy.

14. Moving on to sneakers I will only recommend a few must have sneakers for the year. You will want to have a pair of all white sneakers like Stan Smiths or a all white vans sneaker since they will surely match with any outfit for sure.