Top 20 Back To School Items For Cool Kids

Top 20 Back To School Items For Cool Kids

Back to school signs are all over the place that can only mean one thing, Summers almost over. But to make things better here at Flight 214 we have made a top 20 clothing essential for you the cool kids looking prepare for the coming school year. Lets start from the top.

Essential 1

the weekend starboy tour merch dad hat cap

- A dad hat, anyone who ever has bad hair days or is running late this is definitely an essential. To not have to try to dress up and still look very stylish, the dad cap is a very important part of any wardrobe.

supreme sunglasses top 20 back to school items

2- Glasses alot of students wear glasses but having the right ones are key to looking good. I would suggest getting some that look basic and stylish and a solid color instead having to having to wear the same color to match your glasses every day.