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Weekly Muse: "Pretty Girls Flaunt Like Bad Boys too"! Ms. Nikki Bella Goes Sneaker Shoppin

"Lebron James", "Marshawn Lynch", "Ray Allen".. BIG - HUGE might even be a better term to use when it comes to "big shoes to fill" in the world of sports, influence and worldwide entertainment! But the "Bad Boys" aren't the only ones that have all the fun in their respective worlds of reign! Enter NIkka Bella!.. WWE superstar, Reality TV hot girl and yes even sneaker head fashionista has made more than a name for herself in numerous ways and if you've followed any of her general platforms, you recognize the proof that's already in the pudding.. pretty girls flaunt like bad boys too!!

Sharing in the fashionable footsteps of Lebron, Marshawn and Ray, Nikki has also worked creatively with renowned sneaker outfitter "Mache" on many of her season inclusive Nike designs. As an avid Dunk connoisseur, huge Jordan 1 collector and even Supreme/Louis Vuitton brand representative, the girl knows her shoes, dominates her lane and flexes it all EXTREMELY well. Take a walk with Nikki as she shops her favorites with Complex.- Fly kicks, baddie chick - how much better does it get!!!!!!

Video via Complex


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