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Weekly Muse: " CASI DAVIS! "305 - Sun Drenched Sexy."

Mexico City, New Mexico

1M Instagram Followers!

"Likes" Galore.

Miami "305" Resident

"Baddie on any South Florida Block!"

So you met a girl last weekend at an ice cream shop who's originally from Mexico City, now lives in Miami and stops absolutely EVERYBODY when you and her are at the grocery store or down the street at the post office!.. Oh yeahhh nowwwwwww we get it...., you just met Instagram hottie Cassendre Davis!!

CASI DAVIS! Weekly Muse Takeflight214

"Cassendre Davis" can be considered all things "pretty model" tastefully equipped with a bag FULL of goodies on EVERY side!! Resident of Miami, Florida, "Casi" as she refers to herself is famously known for her highly dedicated "workout seasons" found via the internet as well as her short run ins with world wide buzz ringer TMZ and Portuguese professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo!

CASI DAVIS! Weekly Muse Takeflight214

Fame sauce or not, Casi has no problem cooking her own spotlight anywhere she's found. Dedicated to the gym and even more closely associated to health and personal wellness, Davis packs all the right punches for ALL the world to see!

Check out some of her latest documented work via YouTube.

Models and bystanders take note...!! - Get Em' Casi, we see the hustle, keep grinding!


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