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Hip Hop mourns the Death of Grammy Nominated Nipsey Hussle

The entire Hip Hop community and the nation at large is grieving the riveting death of Los Angeles Rapper Nipsey Hussle.

In what seems to be a single attack by an unidentified gunman outside of his sought after Marathon Clothing Store off of Slauson Ave in L.A. California, Nipsey Hussle was allegedly shot 6 times and pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital in L.A.

Two others have also been affected by the fatality yet all full details are unavailable at this time. Twiiter and Instagram are on fire with heartfelt reactions and grievances from artists and entertainers all over the world including like Drake, Rhianna, Pharrell, ASAP Rocky, Karruchee Tran, Lebron James, Meek Mill, Roc Nation, Atlantic Records, Khelani, Offset, Chance the Rapper, Lil Pump, and Miguel to name just a few.

Hussle was 33 years of age and on the immediate rise to becoming one of true urban Hip Hops greatest contemporary moguls and multi genre entrepreneurs. The shooter is yet to be caught and investigation is wide open after the Sunday afternoon shooting.

No words can express such a loss and our hearts, prayers and love extend to Nipsey and all of his close family.

Stay posted for further details and information surrounding Hussle's horrific death. We've simply lost a special one.

Our greatest condolences and Rest in Peace #NipseyHussle. 📷


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