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Russel Westbrook "20-20-20" Dedication to Nipsey Hussle

"Legacy" is a powerful term. It lasts a lifetime, it touches individual lives forever and inspires the day present to courageously face the future.

Tuesday night Russel Westbrook grabbed his personal baton for his boy Nipsey Hussle and attached one of the first markings to the freshly engaged Hussle Legacy.

In a red bull like performance familiar to traditional Westbrook style, Russel put up and shut up for 20 points, 20 Rebounds and 20 assists. To all the through and through Los Angeles natives and Hussle fans, the sixty is clearly communicated.

In his post game interview, Westbrook was asked what inspired such an earthquaking, history making performance to which he replied "it wasn't for me at all, all dedicated to my boy Nipsey".

Hussle and Westbrook share neighborhood ties, multiple community efforts and the trill vibe of true friends.

Russels night will be more than memorable and the perfect "dedication" to a Hussle legacy story fresh to be told. 

Rest in Power Nipsey Hussle - 

Creativly Written - Russel Westbrook. Dedication.


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