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The KD 12 "90's Kid" - Nikes Most Advanced Basketball Sneaker to Date

For the truly avid basketball player whether that's the first to 21 playground Thursdays, high school Varsity practice or the fast paced 4th quarter of high level NBA play, the "right shoe" is essential, - almost as much so as the all the pre-game work and preparation that comes months, weeks and workouts long before the game!!

Insert the April 6 "90's Kid" Kevin Wayne Durant 12th Edition! And more than another sexy Nike drop, the 90's Kid 12 is technologically more advanced than any other #Nike Basketball shoe to date. Why you say? Its all in the "pre break in" feel heavily requested by Durant for his brand new 12 platform!

Most important to Kevin has become the ability to open the box of his new product, tighten up his socks, slip on the shoe and automatically feel like he can roll left off the ball, drive to the rack and have full confidence his feet will stay dead plated in the shoe.

The 12 does all of that in a variant of ways. The four point Flywire system, the full zoom length sole, the ultralight synthetic upper and the reinforced rear ankle technology. - All things combined the shoe was designed to do one thing ; feel as if it's broken in immediately upon first wear and be an extremely lightweight mid sole, wing heavy, feather light ball hard sneak!

The "90's Kid" slips the register at 150.00 US and appears to the masses on April 6! So if you're looking for the newest, freshest and most technologically advanced sneaker available, sauce up and grab a set of the new #KD12! They're engineered and marketed to be the best thing you can wrap around your championship caliber ankles!! 

Check ball, let's get it!!!  


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