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Art Showcase: Christopher Joseph Gonzalez Contemporary Pop Art On 10

Dallas Texas artist Christopher Joseph Gonzalez brings contemporary pop art to the Triple D. Born near Dallas, Gonzalez says to have always had an affinity for music and culture and the desire to fuse them both. Influenced by Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, and Jackson Pollock he began his work at the age of 20 painting in many different ways with all kinds of mediums before finding a style he could call his own.

Is it Pop Art or Spontaneous Realism, call it what you want but the vibrant colors transfers a mood and feeling to my audience reminiscent to the work of the greats he once admired. He describes it as controlled chaos stating " My hope is when people see these iconic musicians or instruments that I paint; it will resonate with them and fill their heart with joy or passion as well. "

His work can be view and purchased via his site or you can check him out in the social world @cjosephart


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