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The Sketched Adventures of “Salty” Steve

I admit that we here at Flight 214 may seem to have an affinity for pop art, but what can I say? I don't know if it's the vibrant tones and adventurous color marriages, or the fact that being products of today's media crazed western society renders us a bit partial but either way "#ipostdopeshit". “Salty” Steve Dominguez hailing from a few miles down Dallas North Tollway in The Colony, Tx. caught our attention recently with his prolific sketch and graphic art compositions.

Dominguez stats that he acquired the aforementioned "Salty" monicor for his hatred for loosing, perhaps this explains the volume of work produced to this point. Having gained his start in comics he has transitioned into t shirt designs producing designs available on redbubble, threadless. After receiving rave reviews on his “Faces of Carrey” poster Dominguez was contacted by FreshGames LLC to help out with an upcoming trivia game "Famous Faces".

What draws us most to the work of “Salty” Steve is the fact that he draws inspiration from stuff he likes, " I find we’re all beautifully connected by our favorite movies/music/shows and if my art can help inspire that connection I’m all for it!" and that reminds us of what drove us to start this blog. Stop by and check out his stuff on the sites previously mentioned or his instagram page @saltysteved.


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